Cecelia the Seal reviewed by the Sandwich Enterprise newspaper

October 18, 2013

A review of Cecelia the Seal Gets a Meal in the October 18th Sandwich Enterprise newspaper talks about the new book and also discusses Mr. Coogan’s approach to writing.  Noting that Mr. Coogan walked the entire 2 mile route taken by the little harbor seal to the state fish hatchery as part of researching the story, reporter Patricia Peal says that like the circuitous route taken by Cecelia, his journey to being a writer was also not a straight line.  And that is certainly true.  It wasn’t until after retirement from 27 years of teaching high school history that Mr. Coogan picked up a pen and began writing books.  To date he has written or co-written nine books, four of them for children.  His Clarence the Cranberry Who Couldn’t Bounce recently went over the 10,000 sales figure.  Cecelia, as Peal says, was a cooperative effort between school children and parents who gave Mr. Coogan suggestions while the book was in progress.  The children, in particular, were quick to tell him what to keep and what to change.  “What better feedback can a writer have than putting the ideas in front of the prospective audience and having them give you their critique?” he says.  “They will tell you very directly whether they like something or not.”