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Cape Cod Collected Cover

We are pleased to announce that our new book, Cape Cod Collected: A Selection of the Cape’s Greatest Stories, has arrived. Retail price is $11.95. We will be distributing the book over the next several weeks to retail outlets across the Cape and the south shore. If you would like to be one of the first to get the new book, you can contact me at and you will get it for $10.00 (a 20% discount) and I’ll include the postage and the 6.25% MA. sales tax. All books will be autographed.

Cape Cod Collected is a collection of some of Jack Sheedy and Jim Coogan’s best previously published tales, edited and updated for a new generation of readers. This compilation is their fifth collaborative effort and showcases many of the most popular subjects they’ve written about over the past two decades. From shipwrecks and lighthouses to sea captains and enterprising landlubbers and from heroes and heroines to odd characters and even a local witch or two, Cape Cod Collected has it all. The book is 144 pages and has over 30 photos and should be pleasing to all lovers of Cape Cod.

Jim Coogan
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