Moving on

After seventeen years as a Cape Cod Times columnist, I’ve decided to step away from the weekly routine of deadline writing.  It’s been a good run and I’ve enjoyed having the latitude to write on just about any topic of my choice. I’ve been lucky.  The only requirement given to me by the Times was to be concise and accurate.  Along the way, I’ve met and corresponded with a number of people–some who agreed with me and some that did not.  It’s all part of being someone who is willing to publicly take a position on an issue.  I never minded the criticism because it often made me take a closer look at where I stood.  I took it as a means of growth. As for the friends I’ve made among readers, I will miss them.  I’ve got some adventures in mind and a few dreams still unfulfilled.  Beginning tomorrow, the next phase will begin. I don’t plan to sit in a rocking chair and as I travel and move in new directions, I’ll use this blog to let you know what I’m doing.  Thanks for being out there!!Winter storm 2015 007


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