Traveling Man

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Clarence and Anna

“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere but to go. I travel for travel’s sake.  The great affair is to move.”   Robert Louis Stevenson
In a few days I’m headed off on a trip that will take me across the country. Fifty years ago I made the same trip in a Volkswagen bug.  At the time I’d never been further west than Worcester.  Since then, I’ve crossed the country several times but always with deadlines and obligations that really didn’t let me look with any detail at the places that I was passing through.  This time I’m going with no set schedule.  If I want to stop and get a closer look at something, I’ll do it.  I’ll be on secondary routes, “blue roads” as some have called them.  Small towns and rural communities will be the focus as  I “dipstick” the people in various parts of the country.  I want to hear what they are thinking as to where we are heading as a people.  Mom and Pop breakfast places will be regular stops. If there’s a ham and bean supper in a community on a Saturday night, I’ll be there–maybe even some Karaoke singing in some small town bar room.  It will be a blend of Jack Kerouac and Charles Kuralt.
No VW bug this time.  I’ve got a 26 ft. motor home for comfort.  I’ll be blogging the trip and you can access it by going to the Harvest Home Books  website ( and hitting the “blog” button. It should also show up on the Clarence the Cranberry Facebook account.  I’ll be off the grid in some places so the blogs will be when I can get a connection.