Immortal in the Crosswords

I’m one who does a lot of crossword puzzles.  I’ve read that watching Jeopardy and doing crosswords can keep the brain active. Hopefully there is some truth in that. I don’t try the difficult puzzles. No New York Times crosswords for me.  I prefer the easy ones. One thing I’ve noticed in doing the easier solving puzzles is that a whole bunch of names of people from the past are used to form the words. Some are rather obscure and would otherwise be forgotten.  But it does seem that once in a crossword puzzle, a person — even if for one brief shining moment, becomes immortal. They live forever in 29 down.

Take for example, a three letter word that describes a Gershwin brother (Ira) or a four letter word that asks for “Turner from Hollywood,” (Lana.)  Certainly these individuals were big personalirties in their time but that was so long ago that I doubt that most Americans would know who they are today. Here’s another one.  “Actress Gardner” –three letters (Ava.)  And a four letter one connected to “movie star Hayworth,” (Rita.)  How about “musical King Cole” three letters, (Nat.) Or Gabor of “Green Acres?” — three letters, (Eva.)  Another, “Eisenhower’s nickname” three letters, “Ike.) Or “comedy King”– four letters (Alan.)

You can tell right away that from the selections I’m probably not challenging my brain all that much. And I’ll plead guilty. I like success. But I do think it’s all relative because last summer on a camping trip my 14 year old grandson picked up one of my easy crossword puzzles and, after working on it for a half hour, he told me that he thought it was really hard.


One thought on “Immortal in the Crosswords

  1. Where are you getting these crosswords? The ones I do ask me about the people who are famous now and I don’t have a clue.

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