Shaking an evil hand

Trump shakes with N.Korean diplomat

One has to wonder what the parents of Otto Warmbier, the 22 year old student who was brutally beaten to the point of death in North Korea, thought when they saw a U.S. President today shaking hands with a representative of the government that did it. The diplomat, reportedly very close to dictator Kim Jong Un, was given the royal treatment in Washington as our president pushes the time line for a Singapore summit meeting. Never mind that most foreign policy experts rate North Korea as the most oppressive regime in the world, on a par with Soviet Russia under Stalin. This the same day that tariffs were slapped on Canada for “unfair trade policies.”
For those who may have forgotten, Warmbier took a poster off the wall in his hotel and ended up serving 18 months of hard labor, during which time his teeth were knocked out and his brain bashed to the point where he could not recover when belatedly released. But I guess the North Korean diplomat rated a hug and handshake from our current chief executive who apparently sees our neighbor to the north as more of a threat to us than a brutal regime that executes dissenters while starving the people it enslaves. There was blood on at least one pair of hands here.

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